Link in Adobe I/O console to manifest documentation is broken

Hey folks. If you click the “manifest” link in the “download starter project” area in the Adobe I/O console, that link forwards to, which has an invalid ssl certificate (for, while the non-www version has the correct certificate.) I’d suggest fixing the certificate or at the very least the forward :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this Kilian! We seem to have a bot somewhere that changes our links on the Console periodically :man_facepalming:

For now, remove the www and the link will work.

Thanks, Kilian,

You mean this link, right? Just checking:

Yes, that’s the one!

That was weirder to think than you might imagine, but we’ve fixed it!


Found another one, same issue.


^^ @ashryan, @Erin_Finnegan

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This time I know who can fix it!

Although I can’t actually reproduce the certificate thing… :thinking: It looks like it’s redirecting correctly, even in private mode.


According to my contact, this link is now fixed!