Local plugin can't install in china


Hi all, i created an plugin and run it locally in my machine , and it’s still work fine in my side (i live in Viet Nam ), the things is when i send the .ccx file for my friend in china he can’t manage to install it. Any ideas for this issue ? :disappointed_relieved:


If you’re friend is on macOS Sonoma, please check out this post.

If your friend is using Windows, there are a lot of good troubleshooting tips on this page.

Let us know if your friend encounters an error code!

Try these steps:
change .ccx into .zip
copy package to plug-ins folder
restart ps

Hi all, thank you for your replied , i tried to run the .ccx file with command , and it worked :partying_face:

I think if you install them this way the plugin will be deleted when the user updates Photoshop (or the app the plugin is meant for)…

Noted it , thank you