Need to collapse actions on the Ps Actions panel played with the UXP .play() method or with batchPlay

One of the unfortunate differences between CEP and UXP is that when UXP code plays an action on Photoshop’s Actions panel, it expands that action to show all the steps contained in the action. This quickly messes up the Photoshop Actions panel if you go there to find an action or to add a new one. There is potentially lots of scrolling required to locate where you want to be in the Actions panel or the need to collapse numerous actions if they’ve been called from a UXP plugin. CEP didn’t expand actions when they were played using JSX code. Everything on the Actions panel stayed nice and neat.

Is this default action expansion a bug in UXP, or is it intentional? I can’t see that it serves any useful purpose.

Also, is there any batchPlay for collapsing a action’s steps once the action finishes executing after being called from a UXP plugin? Having this code would at least allow the plugin to clean up after itself.

NOTE: The unwanted action expansion occurs whether the action is played using the .play() Photoshop API or directly from batchPlay. There currently seems to be no workaround.

Example of expanded action after playing it via UXP below:


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I was looking into the issue and to me, it really seems like an unintended bug. I did not find any workaround and seems like something that has to be fixed in PS itself. To me, it seems like the same action manager code is interpreted differently in UXP vs in ExScript.

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We logged this bug into the internal issue tracker.

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Thanks for your attention to this issue. Fixing it will make me and other plugin users less frustrated with our Photoshop Actions panel.

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