New auto-size text feature in XD 28

Is there any API access to this new auto-size text feature gotten by double-clicking the bottom center handle?

If not, that sure would be nifty to have…

There currently is not (at least nothing documented). I agree that this might be interesting to expose via the APIs, as it’s a “UI feature” inside XD. For now, however, the “cheap” (yet rather performant) way would be to use the function I’ve written for my plugins (which is open-source):

To everyone: Feel free to use it as long as the copyright notice remains :wink:.

Excellent, thanks. Saved me the bother of writing it. :wink:

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This actually was a feature of my Text Toolbox plugin (CtrlAltT, Q for fitting the text area to its contents) which now finally got implemented in XD itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: