Non modal windows in XD

In XD there are panels and dialogs but I’m having a use case where it might be nice to have a non modal dialog. Specifically, in the case of a webview it would be nice to open a window for that.

Use case:
Bob has installed the XD plugin, Plugin Scale 2D. It has a learning curve but with the help of the documentation he can learn step by step.

After installing the plugin he clicks a button in the plugin panel to get started. A window opens up that has the help documentation. He reads this on his second screen while XD is on the main screen. As he clicks buttons in the plugin panel the documentation is displayed in the window. The documentation has help buttons that when pressed highlight UI items in the plugin panel.

Try using show(). At least it works on Ps, but I’m not sure about future support of this

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I know Photoshop supports opening multiple panels and windows. I’ll see it works in XD.