Open Plugin by name via .psjs?

Hello dear ones,
Is it possible to output a list of all installed plugins, including their commandIDs? The background is as follows - For example, I have 10 plugins installed, open and close them each via the command line. I always read the IDs via Photoshop. But now I have the problem that as soon as there is an update, the IDs change and I have to change all stored IDs.

Is there a better way?
Is there a way to address/open a plugin by name?
I would like to execute the whole thing via a .psjs file.

Thank you for your support.
Best, Rick

IIRC your best bet would be getting menuBarInfo (used to be available only via BatchPlay) and getting command IDs from there. Just not sure what would be the best way to filter only actual plugins, because the Plugins menu has other items too :confused:

Thank you for the information. I’m going to be bold and ask… do you have a code example for me? I’m not really skilled in this (I know, that’s exactly what you don’t want to hear :-)) But maybe you could help me briefly or give me some inspiration?

Best regards

Sorry, IDK when I’ll be available to provide an exact example, but you should check out @Jarda’s Alchemist plugin. Specifically the inspector how-to video. IIRC one of the properties is this menu bar info, and you should be able to get it after watching the video