Plugins menu is showing two listings for each plugin

In B I’m seeing double listings in the Plugins menu. So each plugin I’m developing has two menu item entries. The plugins that are not mine only show one entry.

I’m guessing this has to do with the move to using the UXP Developer Tool? I’m not currently using it for a few reasons:

  • I have my plugin folders setup in develop as:

Users > me > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe XD (pre) > develop (myplugin folders here)

  • The develop folder is also my git repository
  • I don’t know how to change it (without possibly breaking it)
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FYI I’ve moved my plugins out of the develop folder and deleted the folder.

Currently stuck on this:

It will open without plugins using (shift+click on the XD icon).

Here’s the history:

A week or two ago I updated XD and noticed the double listings for my plugins
One day XD crashed and wouldn’t open (linked post)
A few days later XD did open (there was an OS restart since then)
It would show I think the plugins single listing (or double listing I can’t remember)
Each time I hard reloaded my plugins (after making changes) the number of plugin listings increased
So it would go from 2 to 3 listings and then 4 and so on until the plugins stopped working (displaying the panel).
So if I completely quit out of XD then started it back up it would go back to one or two listings.
Then it stopped opening all together (linked post)

I don’t know if I have both the official version of my plugin installed and the development version installed at the same time. I think I have the official installed in the XD main release.