Problem with Photoshop beta 23.2.0: DevTools failed to load source map .

I’m getting the following debug message for all plugins I’ve tried loading via UXP Developer Tool when running Ps beta 23.2.0:

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not parse content for file:///D:/Jenkins/~/PS/workspace/ps-metabuilder/photoshop/tools/scripts/ux…mon/genrule/out/uxp/scripts/uxp_js_maps/sourcemaps/ Unexpected end of JSON input

It happens with API 1 and API 2 plugins including Alchemist and UI Kitchen Sink.

I’m on Windows and have not tested this on Mac yet.

Also getting some weird batchPlay executions that make no sense now. Results are not even matching what’s on the layers that batchPlay created. Super weird.

UPDATE: The error message is present in the debugger on Mac (Intel) also.

The source map error shouldn’t be introducing any issues into your plugin; it’s just an indication that transpiled code couldn’t be mapped to the full source. Since these files are internal, there’s no source to look at. If I had to guess this may be down to the beta (debug) nature of Ps—I don’t see this in a production build. We’ve asked Eng. to take a look though.

I’m more concerned about your batchPlay issues – can you be more specific there?

Thanks for that information, @kerrishotts. I thought the two things might be related. Turns out the problem is with the Hard Mix blend mode. Reducing fill opacity of a layer in Hard Mix blend mode in PS beta 23.2.0 produces dramatically different results than reducing fill opacity in Ps 23.1.1. I’ll file a bug report.

The bug details submitted are as follows in case anyone wants to try and reproduce this :

Title: Hard Mix blend mode now produces racically different results in Ps beta 23.2.0 when Fill Opacity is lowered

Description: Problem Description: Lowering the Fill Opacity of a layer in Hard Mix blend mode in Ps beta 23.2.0 produces markedly different results than in Ps 23.1.1 and all previous versions of Ps as well

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new, blank pixel layer
  2. Image > Apply Image > see attached .jpg image for settings.
  3. Image > Adjustments > Desaturate
  4. Set Blend mode to Hard Mix
  5. Lower the Fill Opacity to 15%
  6. Compare the results to what happens in Ps 23.1.1. I use a Fill Opacity of 15% in my work, and the difference is extremely obvious at this point. (Very important to decrease the “Fill Opacity” and not the “Layer Opacity.”)

Actual Result: At 15% Fill, the results in Ps 23.2.0 are very different than the results in Ps 23.1.1.

Expected Result: Would expect the results in Ps 23.2.0 to match those in Ps 23.1.1.

Any Workarounds: None that I’ve found.

I’ve been able to reproduce these results on an Intel-based MacBook Air running Monterey 12.1 and a PC running Windows 10


About source map, warning has been there since I joined beta. A bunch of them on any plugin load or reload (each load produces 8 warnings regardless of plugin). Very annoying