Proposal: Category for open-source work (or questions regarding it) in this forum

I’d like to request creating a new category in the forums for open-source work (or better: discussions about the open-source stuff including, but not exclusively, repos that are a part of the XD Github organization). This would allow for much more engagement with actual users of development tools Since topics in the forums have visibility to the plugin developer community. With GitHub issues, you actually have to actually search for them in order to get involved.

This isn’t so much about the documentation (which, of course, already has its own section), but more about development tools (typings, xdpm, etc.), where it would often be great to be able to get some input from actual users. Basically, when I ask for opinions on a topic in an issue, I’ll get 1-2 opinions at max (most often, I get none). This is a pity as I believe that it’s not due to people not having opinions about these issues, but about visibility.

A list of issues of opinionated questions where I believe having them in the forums could help add visibility and therefore engagement which could lead to solutions that are the best for the actual users:

All in all, I think that adding such a category would lead to

  1. More visibility for the open-source community around XD plugin development :tada:
  2. Visibility for issues people have (maybe someone has already solved an issue and can share some knowledge) => community “growing closer together” :+1:
  3. Get input on opinionated issues to get the best dev tools for the community and not just 2-3 people who accidentally saw the issue :wink:

What this section shouldn’t do is replace issues on GitHub. They have their place for specific issues that need to get solved “within” the repo. For questions, opinionated topics, etc., however, I believe that it’s a good way to drive open-source engagement…

Another example could be general questions regarding the usage of – say – the typings. If something gets asked on GitHub, I’ll close the issue when it’s answered. This, of course, takes a lot of visibility away since one either has to search for the issue (in the hopes of using the correct keywords to find it), search through all the closed issues (that’s 32 for the typings repo already, and titles don’t always tell you if it’s about your question) or find some other way to find it. With a topic here, it works more like a knowledge base where it’s easy to find answers or – in the case of a simple follow-up question to an already answered one – continue on from where the discussion left without having to reopen the issue or anything like that. Also, questions often don’t require an anser by a maintainer of the repo (who often will be the only one getting a notification about the question) as it’s far more likely that someone from the community with the exact same issue has already come up with a much more practical approach for solving an issue.

Great idea. Our team will discuss this internally

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