Removing plugin path from console logging

When there’s an error in the console or when you reload the plugins the console shows the full path to the plugins. The full path may be unnecessary now that there is a menu item to open the develop folder.


“/Users/bob/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC/“


"Unloading plugin /Users/bob/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC/develop/my-plugin-1

so it would be

"Unloading plugin ~/develop/my-plugin-1

I tend to disagree. Although you’re able to open the develop folder, for error messages regarding plugins with a more complicated path (e.g., with their real ID from, it can be quite difficult to know which folder is the correct one (especially if the plugin isn’t a “develop” plugin, but one that’s “really” installed. Even if you leave that part in, you can’t just copy and paste the path to the plugin, but have to open the develop folder, navigate to the “real” folder, find the correct plugin etc., which would be quite tedious…

Therefore, I’ve found this output incredibly valuable and (no offense) disagree with the request (although it might be useful if it was an added option such that each developer can decide that for him/herself, which could be good for “both sides” :wink:)…

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I think what @Velara is asking would still allow the differentiation between develop and installed plugins – consider:

Error in plugin ~/1349509AB:
(stack trace follows)

The above is an installed plugin. while the following would be a plugin in development:

Error in plugin ~/develop/plugin-1:
(stack trace)

The paths still refer to folders, but ~ is understood to point at Adobe XD’s support folder.


instead provide a check box to show/hide full path as console gets clumsy

see this

and this

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