What is the proper way to remove a plugin from console.adobe.io?

I have created multiple projects on console.adobe.io which are empty unused placeholders and there is no way to delete them. Here is how it goes:

  • Go to https://console.adobe.io/projects
  • Open project that you want to delete
  • Click on “Delete project” button top right
  • It says you need to remove “any connected services, events and credentials”
  • Assume it’s the plugin listing under the project, since you haven’t added anything else
  • Under “Products & services” on the same page you click on “Adobe XD - Plugin - In Development”
  • On the new page click on “Contact us to unpublish version” button top right
  • It opens email to “CCIntegrationsReview@adobe.com
  • You ask kindly and provide a link to this page which has the plugin name and ID
  • You get reply on the email - “Only published plugin can be removed i.e. plugin in development can’t be removed”

Sorry for posting my last two topics under “Adobe XD”, it’s the lack of “General” category.

:thinking: Maybe we need a “Console” category…

I’m able to verify this. I don’t have services, events, or credentials tied to my test projects, and I can’t delete them either. I’ll file it with the Console team.

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I confirmed with the review team, and with the Console team, that in fact, there is no way to delete unpublished XD plugin projects at the moment. The error messages are not correct…

Based on my conversations with both teams, I think there was some kind of miscommunication about the product requirements at some point.

Nevertheless, self-serve project deletion ought to be available at some point in the future. Hopefully we can clean up the error messages in the meantime.

I, too, have a bunch of test projects cluttering up my console dashboard that I’d like to delete… :sweat_smile:

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It would be good if at least could work with emailing a request to CCIntegrationsReview@adobe.com and they remove the project manually. Not a critical bug however, it’s only the clutter that bothers :smiley: