Responsive Resize / Constraints not working

I think there is a problem with the constraints. when i try to use them on the xd it doesn’t work as expected:

besides that, it seems like i always get in horizontalConstraints and verticalConstraints the same object (even if i change the contraint)
{position: “fixed-both”, size: “size-resizes”}

is it possible that the constraints works just for group of elements? couldn’t it work for a basic rectangle in an artboard?

in the documentation you say “Setting this only determines how the [node] is updated when its parent is resized – it does not change the [node]'s current size or position.” what if the rectangle parent is the artboard itself?

Hi @adinu ,

the video currently only shows your browser, I think the screen recording didn’t work as expected.

Unfortunately, without the video, it is difficult to understand what exactly you’re expecting vs. what’s happeniing.

Would you mind either doing another video or trying to explain it with text/images? I have worked with the responsive resize APIs, so I would love to see if I can help, but for now, it’s difficult to see what’s happenning.


thnx man

In your video, the artboard has “Responsive Resize” turned off. Once it’s turned on, the constraints will be honored.

Basically, the parent element needs to have the responsive resize flag turned on in order for the child element constraints to work. Artboards have this feature disabled by default (other elements have it enabled by default).