Running server within UXP

What are the plans for being able to run the server within UXP? Is that in any roadmap?

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Do you mean UXP as a WebSocket server?

I mean both. I want websocket server and also the possibility to serve files from localhost.

Having a WebView host local HTML/JS files would be very, very nice indeed…

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Exactly… now I have to run external process and I can’t even pass parameters to it (so far). I think with server in UXP I could eliminate one more scripting context making it simpler.

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I have been hoping for this as well.

Webview hosting local HTML should be available with v8.0.


That sounds like moving in right direction. One of my clients has a plugin to show instructions for designers and sometimes it comes as a PDF or HTML file with pictures… so it could address at least this need.

Will be there some option to inject custom JS from UXP into webview? I used inject JS to open image in PS when you click image in an instruction HTML file.

what great news, @indranil , when will it be available? Because if I’m not mistaken, we are currently at version 7.3. Also, is it possible to see a roadmap somewhere?

This should be availabe with UXP v8.0 so you should see this in Photoshop probably around April…though don’t quote me on that :sweat_smile: !