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User: RotterdammertArt

Hello, a small introduction of this Dutch man living in Brazil. As photographer / digital ‘artist’ I use Photoshop a lot. I have the photography plan subscription and thus 20GB Creative Cloud.
After about a 1000 assets (jpg and png) this 20GB space becomes full. The extension till 1TB is way to expensive to my opinion. So my goal is to find out whether I can create the Library extension that’s only storing the administration where my assets are stored locally (at external drives, network drives, etc) so that I have the same kind of mechanism but not storing into the Creative Cloud.
So that is the reason I came to this forum. If anyone knows of already existing plugins that provide this kind of functionality, just let me know. Also directions to where find more information related to my goal.
And by the way I have 35+ years experience in (Technical) software development in mainly C/C++/C#/VB/.NET. and PLC’s (not in JS, React, Web).

So surprise me and thanks for your time …

Gr. Albert

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