Sorcerer - New Alchemist panel to generate plugins

Sorcerer is meant to be an addition to Alchemist and Occultist panels. So you can copy/paste generated source code or tweak it a little bit and generate a new plugin with just very basic knowledge within 30 minutes.

The intention is to help to beginners and provide some basic guidance to achieve quick results. And then users can always modify generated files in any text editor.

Expert developers will probably keep their current workflow but manifest.json generator could answer some doubts quickly.

Here is a preview on how to make a new plugin for Photoshop in 10 minutes. This plugin will contain buttons to increase and decrease grid density. It also adds reset menu item into Photoshop main menu that will set grid density to the hardcoded value of 100px

Please test it and let me know what you think.

Right now available in GitHub repo in separated branch: GitHub - jardicc/alchemist at sorcerer it will be later merged with master branch once this new panel will be finished.


Finally here is a video tutorial with audio commentary :slight_smile:


Cam’t wait to have some time to play with this, it’s an impressive piece of work indeed!