uiLogos - Logo placeholder XD Plugin

Hello guys,

Sometime we all need professional logo as placeholder, and don’t have time to create some dummy logos. Now you can quickly place dummy logos into the Adobe XD.

I’m very happy to announce plugin to generate logos for your mockup - uiLogos

Github link


Just had a quick look at your readme, and the gifs look great.

Since you’ve open sourced it, we’d love to see you submit a GitHub issue for it here:

Once you do that, one of us will have a look, and if all goes well, we can add it to XD Awesome under the Samples section. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ashryan

Opened an issue on github. Let me know if you need further details.

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Hello guys,

I’m very happy to announce extended version of uiLogos - plugin. Now, you can insert 190+ Country flags in your design easily with uiLogos - 0.4.0.

Country Flag Demo


  1. Download uilogos.xdx
  2. Double click on .xdx file to install

More surprise coming soon :v: