Using assets and icons in marketing materials and example projects

In the plugin submission guidelines there is this paragraph:

Using Adobe assets and icons in your plugin or your plugin marketing material requires explicit permission from Adobe (login required). Note that getting permission to use Adobe branding assets can add to the time it takes to get your plugin approved and published.

Is it OK to use the XD logo (or other assets) in distributed example projects like so?

For example, in the UI kits, the XD logo is used in a reference panel:

Also, can we use the example UI Kits in demonstration videos and marketing materials?

For example, if the Lorem Ipsum plugin has a video showing Lorem Ipsum capabilities or how to use it can it do that using one of the example UI Kits.

Iā€™m forwarding this question to our marketing team. Will get back to you


Below are assets you can use in marketing to amplify the announcement with Adobe approval of your final marketing assets ā€“ with XD logo and/or Designed for XD badge in place.

XD logo (download) - The Adobe XD logo is available for limited use for plugin launch announcement communications only. Use this logo in custom assets created for marketing e.g. marquee for blog posts, social media, and websites, including images, animations, and videos. You may not use the logo or any element of the logo in or as part of your own company or plugin logo.

To request permission to use the Adobe XD logo, please complete the online trademark request form with proposed usage, save as pdf and send to and copy You can also request permission for other restricted Adobe brand assets using this form e.g. Creative Cloud app icon or Adobe logo. Allow two weeks for your request to be processed.

Designed for XD badge (download) - In addition to the XD logo in custom graphics, you can use the Designed for XD badge to denote that your product integrates with Adobe XD once your plugin is approved.

Important! Adobe trademarks are licensed for use under the Adobe General Terms of Use, including the Adobe Developer Additional Terms (download), and subject to our branding guidelines. Please review the Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Brand Guide (download) and General Trademark Guidelines before using these assets in marketing