Unable to submit new version of plugin


I’m trying to update my plugin in the same way as I use to do, but today I’m getting this error message:

Service submitApplication failed. Error code: 400 , Error message: {“message”:“Extension name Preely User Testing with locale en for version 9cb2e4bb-7d6e-4063-b92a-cdfd3bd7c52c is already in use”,“error_code”:“887”} , Request ID: LUZmDo9VpCIsxB4VVHSveeVYAFUVzNzV

Obviously I use the same name for my update. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Assuming you’re bumping the version # as well, please reach out here to get support. There’s probably a tweak that needs to happen in the database to fix the issue for you.

Thank you.

Version number is bumped yes. Will take contact.