Where is the option "unlink symbol" in adobe xd new versions?

I’m watching a course where the author uses the option “Unlink Symbol” to well unlink symbols. Here is a screen shot of the video:

However, this option doesn’t appears to me in my installation of adobe xd. To me, only these options are showed:

How can I unlink de symbols with the showed options? Is “Ungroup Components” equivalent to the old “unlink symbols”?

I just started my UI/UX journey using XD, so I’m not exactly sure what’s playing out here. Here’s what I think. In the previous Adobe XD Versions (by default) it links assets borrowed imported from a file (template) but in the recent XD versions (by default) it breaks the link between the original asset and the duplicated one. Hence, why you won’t see the Unlink Symbol function in the recent XD versions when you right-click on the duplicate/imported asset.

There are some technicalities to it that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around which adobe wrote about HERE.

It seems the linked assets only function now on Adobe’s Creative Cloud and not locally?

To your main question about how to unlink in the newer XD versions. This article, says you can unlink symbols by using the Keyboard shortcut —CMD + Shift G (on Mac) or Shift + G (on Windows). Although I tried it but that didn’t work but maybe it might for you.

What I found is that I didn’t have to even do anything after importing the asset. The XD automatically already unlinked it and I carried on. I’ve attached screenshots of the original asset not affected by the changes made in the duplicate/imported asset: