Wrong error message when removing file

I get this error message but file is removed anyway. The statement about permission is wrong since I do use plugin folder for settings.


Hm, the plugin folder is read-only, isn’t it? Still strange that the error shows up and the file gets deleted anyway

Nope read-only is other directory. I do use the directory for plugin settings.

You mean the Data-folder? The names can get confusing since the read-only one is accessed via fs.getPluginFolder()

I just tested it and I can delete files from the Data-folder without any error. You’re logged in as an admin I assume?

Yes, I am. And at the same time, Photoshop.exe does not have elevated privileges. Also, I do use try/catch statement.

Are you explicitly showing that error via app.showAlert() in the catch block or does Photoshop display the error automatically? If you triggered it, I can test it later if the same error occurs to me to in the catch block.

I have to do. Otherwise my plugin would be rejected in Marketplace. And also it makes sense.