Disabled button not rendering on macOS

Hi there,

I have an issue with my plugin on Mac when my button is disabled it doesn’t show up.

Here’s the button on Mac (macOS Mojave, version 10.14.6):

Adobe version


Here’s the button on Windows 10:

Adobe version


Here’s the code:

            <button type="submit" uxp-variant="cta" disabled={true}>

              <img height="16" width="16" src={require("../../public/button_spinner.gif")} />


Do you have any idea why the button is not rendered the same?

Thank you!

Can you share your GIF?

Side note: the images in XD buttons are intended to be static icons, not animated, so you’re into slightly unknown territory here. It may be an artifact of how the button is drawn, or an artifact of the GIF itself.

Hi @kerrishotts,

Here’s the GIF:


I tried with another one, and I had the same issue:


If you happen to know a better way to show loading while the button is disabled, let me know, please!

Thank you again,

I found a workaround by not using XD buttons.