Error 5 on install? (Adobe help needed.)

Our Icons 4 Design plugin has been getting roughly 10K installations/month in recent months, but we very occasionally (maybe twice in past month) get complaints about installation failures.

It seems to be “error 5”, and only on Windows. (That latter may be a red herring.)

I suspect it may be “out of storage” since the 10MB download expands into 50MB+. (Yes, thousands of icon files.)

When it comes to installation problems, of course we’re entirely in the dark, and don’t really have any recourse, so I’m grasping for straws here. Could anyone at Adobe at least tell me what “error 5” would mean?

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It doesn’t ring a bell, so the best next step is to gather some additional info from those users:

  • What version of Windows are they on? Any pattern there?
  • What version of XD are they on? Are they prerelease users, or the main public release?
  • Grab their AdobeXD.log file, and get the timestamp of when they saw the error message so we know where to look in the logs.
    • Assuming they’re not prerelease users, this is at \Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\Adobe.CC.XD_adky2gkssdxte\ LocalState\AdobeXD.log

OK, thanks, that’s helpful.

Can you find out what that particular error is?

A user on Windows reports the same error a day or two ago. I requested more info. I don’t know if it’s disk space related because my plugin is 1MB.

@peterflynn the path you supplied looks like it’s for OSX.

The users I’ve checked with claim GBs of free space, so I don’t think it’s disk space related.

What we really need is for the Adobe engineers responsible for the installation code to simply tell us what can trigger “error 5”.

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Do you know what version of XD and the version of creative cloud desktop (CCD) app your users are using? This maybe related to mismatch of XD version and CCD version installed. Error 5 I think is an internal error to plugin installer.

No, I don’t, but I can ask next time it happens.

But doesn’t all the plugin installing in XD happen in-process (so far), or is it somehow invoking CDD?

Specifically error 5 = errorExtensionNotCompatible. If the user is using XD31 or greater, then it will need at least a CCD version 5.2 or greater. This is part of the migration to unified plugin loading.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I think this was with older XD’s (most recent complaint was a couple of months ago).

So it’s not that the plugin itself isn’t compatible, it’s that the CCD version and the XD version aren’t compatible?

I believe so. In the older XD, we do allow user to install incompatible plugin but it will be installed as disabled plugin.

Well, at least I have something to have people check when they complain about this error. (Rarely.)