How do we help end users trouble-shoot plugin installation/update problems?

Just received this from an end-user:

Hope the business is going well. I’m here to tell you Icons 4 Design is the best pluging I’ve ever use in Adobe Xd, is my favorite and makes things easier and faster in Xd, but I have a couple of weeks trying to re-installing the plugin because I re-downloaded the Adobe Xd, but I can’t, is the only plugin I use. But not working.

Of course, everything’s working well for me, so I suspect some kind of Adobe server access issue on their part (two different people at the same place).

How do we help people fix this kind of thing?


In particular, is there a set of Adobe servers we can ask them to “ping” to see if they can get through?

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@ashryan, @pahup ^^^^ Any ideas here?

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I’m not sure myself. Let’s do an internal huddle to see how best to get this addressed.

@cpryland we’ll get back to you.

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OK, thanks. Here are more details that might be helpful.

So it looks like it was installed but the installation failed? And he can’t remove it?

Oh, is just I don’t have it installed. I’m trying to install it but it doesn’t allow me, I can show you some captures next. My wife in other hands, She has it installed from previews versions of Adobe Xd, but she doesn’t want to uninstall it, for if it happens to her what is happening to me right now.