CCX install issue - error 2

A user for one of my plugins can’t install and Creative Cloud is giving them Error 2. The same CCX file works for everyone else and has been installed by hundreds of people.

Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it?

If it helps you or the user, this is what error -2 means:

File System Error. The file system errors are usually permission errors or are related to disk space. Free some space on the disk. Then, relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app and try installing the extension or plugin again.

If this doesn’t work, quit the Creative Cloud desktop app and the installed app. Then try installing the extension or plugin again.

It’s not a disk space issue. The file is only around 100KB. It must be a folder permission issue, if the error message is correct based on that document.

The user contacted Adobe Support. However, the support tech just told them the issue was with the plugin and told them to contact me. I know it isn’t an issue with the CCX installer. It works for everyone else. It looks like I will need to do a remote desktop sharing session with the user and help them troubleshoot the issue and see if there is a folder permission issue somewhere.

OK, well apparently, resetting the Photoshop preferences fixed this issue.

When the user was working with the Adobe tech support, they reinstalled Photoshop and restarted the computer which didn’t fix the issue. That is when the tech support person decided it was a CCX file issue.

The user just reset their preferences and the installer then worked.

Anyway, I’m just posting the fix here in case anyone else runs into the same issue.