FastSpring revenue reporting delay from Photoshop plugin sales -- is this normal?

The amount of revenue showing up in my FastSpring dashboard simply doesn’t match the number of paid acquisitions I’ve had for my plugin (the latter of which can be seen in the Developer Distribution Home dashboard.)

Is there some kind of delay between, when a user pays for and installs the plugin, and when that revenue/info actually hits the FastSpring dashboard so that you can view the revenue that you’re going to be earning?

From what I can see, the delay is quite substantial – it’s lagging at least a week or two behind.

FYI I’m not talking about the actual payouts themselves via FastSpring – I mean just purely the revenue that accrues in the Split Accounts section.


I moved this post to the Marketplace category.

@agandhi may be able to weigh in here, but reach out to FastSpring support about this as well.