File Signing Requirements?

I have a code signing certificate which expires in a few months and am trying to figure out if I should renew it.

I used it for signing CEP and also to creating .exe installers for the CEP, neither of which I will need to do anymore.

Since CCX installers don’t need signed and nothing in UXP itself needs signed, I know I don’t need it for that.

I was thinking of creating an .8bf plugin file for one on my UXP plugins to use if/when that is possible. I have never created C++ plugin before so I’m not sure of the signing requirements for that.

Is signing required for an .8bf file? Or is there anything coming down the road that may require signing in the future for UXP? If not, then I can just not worry about renewing my cert because I don’t plan on making any stand alone applications for Windows.

C++ binaries have to be properly notarized in order to be loaded on macOS. I’ve only ever distributed via the app store, so I’m not sure what Apple’s notarization process looks like – but you might want to do some research there if that requires your own code signing cert.

Otherwise, UXP doesn’t currently have any plans to require code signing certificates.

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OK, thanks. Maybe I’ll just keep the cert for a while in case I need it.

Regarding the C++ plugin, I only have one place where I want to directly get/set pixel data which is why I was thinking of figuring out how to create a C++ plugin just for that one step in the process.

I know it has been discussed about the possibility of doing a pixel data get/set natively in UXP. Is that something that is still on the radar? That would be a much more preferable solution for me I think. I realize that a C++ plugin would probably execute faster but I think for my application it may be basic enough that a purely UXP/javasript runtime would probably be fast enough.

Get/set pixel data is still on the roadmap.

And modern JS is absurdly quick for a lot of operations and WASM could also be an option, so it may not be as much slower than native code as you might think (still slower, yes, but maybe not by enough to matter).

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That is awesome. I think I may hold off on the C++ idea and wait. Any idea about how far out the native UXP get/set may be? If it is a long way out then maybe I will look into WASM.

I was hoping for an implementation around the same time as the CC 2023 release but I could always hold off a little longer too.