Hi, Im Scott, Technical Artist from London UK

Hi there!
I’m Scott, I’m a Technical Artist in the video game industry, have been for just under 5 years now. I’ve been looking at photoshop tooling for the past couple of years, improving workflows for artists by writing small one-off scripts but I hadn’t really dived deep into it until a few months ago when I made my first production-ready tool/panel for exporting UI.
Since then I realized that Photoshop (Or Adobe in general) tooling, in the games industry, is quite lacking, (might just be my workplace ) and is an area I can see myself getting more into.

I’ve met with a few struggles with CEP & Extendscript, to be honest. But after trying out UXP I’m super excited to see where it goes and I’m already starting to plan out how to update my own tooling.

See you around! :smiley:

Hi Scott! Welcome to the forums! Happy to have you here :slight_smile: