Is there any way to measure "uninstall" events inside of your Photoshop plugin?

For example, if you create a Chrome Extension, you have the option to fire an event when the user uninstalls your extension (which might send them to a URL which asks them to fill out a survey about why they uninstalled it.)

Is there any similar such ability via Photoshop plugins? I’m trying to figure out ways to measure the churn rates of my plugin.

It could be very helpful to know the demographics of the people who uninstall, as this could reveal massive trends/opportunities. Let’s say one group of users uninstalls after 3 months on average, but another uses it for 30 months on average. That could be an enormous opportunity to focus more of your marketing efforts on the group that’s using it for much longer.

The only option I can think of, that would give me some ability to measure this, would be to add some kind of “Uninstall” button inside of the plugin interface itself, that maybe sends them to an intermediate landing page first, with some survey questions about why they uninstalled, what their job description is, etc – and then provides them with instructions as to how to uninstall it.

Any other ideas?



Sorry about the flagging and unflagging of the suspicious reply there…

Anyway, are you distributing through Adobe’s plugin Marketplace? If that statistic isn’t available in the dashboard we can request it (@agandhi).

If you’re distributing CCX files on your own or through another marketplace (like gumroad, for example), the answer is going to be different…

I am afraid that “acquire” and “install” are two different things. Users acquire licenses and they can install/uninstall many times but they still own the license. Which one is in the dashboard?

Yes, I’m distributing it through the Adobe marketplace. To my knowledge, there is no ability to measure “uninstall” events.