Network error 504 (Gateway Timeout)

Hey. I found a case of error 504 (Gateway Timeout) in the plugin, through Sentry. In our backend logs I found the corresponding Nginx record that shows error 499 - in Nginx it means that the client closed the connection before the server answered the request.

Sounds reasonable that it’s a client side timeout, but the weird thing is that both records (plugin’s Sentry & Nginx) were logged at the same second…

I’d appreciate any input from XD’s devs about it.

Hi @Baraksi!

Which plugin are you talking about, exactly?

Hey @Erin_Finnegan! It’s Frontitude’s plugin

I take it you’re a Frontify developer?

Is this an ongoing issue, or just an error that happened once? Do you think it’s an XD issue, or a web server issue…?

What kind of input would help solve it?

Yes, I’m one of the developers.

It’s an ongoing issue, I’ve found a few more instances in the last few days. On our side, the same web server and server’s API serve a few different clients and XD is one of them.
Only on XD I see error 504, triggered a second after the request was initiated. The log granularity level is seconds, so I can’t see the exact millisecond interval.

On the XD infrastructure layer, I’d like to know what might be the cause for 504 - is it only used for timeouts initiated by XD or anything else? If it’s just for timeouts, the 1 second difference is short.
If it’s for other errors as well, maybe I can connect it with different error codes I find on other clients we have.