Possible issues pulling up the plugin from the store for arm processors

Hi, we got a customer report/complain/feature request on a matter in may that is new (to me at least). Does anyone have any idea on this?

Customer report:
so creative cloud is having issues pulling up the plugin from the store for arm processors. completely bricking the Loupedeck CT for us on arm. It would be amazing if you could provide the photoshop plugin as a manual download. as I dont have issues with the actual plugin, they just have not implemented the typical plugin install from the creative cloud side. and from everywhere ive looked you dont have an alternative download for the plugin. if there was I could manual install while waiting for them to get it together. I know this isnt your fault but none the less arm users cannot use the CT at all without the plugin.

To go around the issue(?): I have also been told, that there is no possible way to install a plugin bypassing Creative Cloud - but if there is a way, would someone share the method (or if this has changed during the last 2 years).

  • Karo / Loupedeck

Hi there!

I’ll have to get back to you on ARM support.

Meanwhile, you can bypass Creative Cloud and install extensions. Here are some options:

Is your plugin in the ZXP file format or CCX?

If it’s a CCX file the customers should be able to double-click to install it, if you can provide the customer with the file.

If it’s a ZXP there are at least three ways to install it, but again, you’re going to need to provide the customer with the file directly.

  1. Use the command line tool “UPIA”: Working from the command-line

  2. If command line tools are too daunting, try Anastasiy’s extension manager: https://install.anastasiy.com/

  3. Change .zxp into .zip, unzip it, and put it into one of these folders: https://github.com/Adobe-CEP/CEP-Resources/blob/master/CEP_11.x/Documentation/CEP%2011.1%20HTML%20Ex…