Questions About API 2

I created a plugin in 2020 which uses API Version 1 and Manifest Version 4
The plugin is still working well despite the console’s API 1 Depreciation Message.

My main concern is that the plugin will fail one day seeing the “Depreciation Message” so I need to figure out how to bring it up to date without starting from scratch.

Does anyone know the lifespan of API 1?
Does API V2 require the Execute As Modal stuff?
Is Manifest V4 going to depreciate?


v2 requires executeAsModal to do any setting (make changes). You can get info without it still.

No idea how long v1 will be around, but I would get away from it as soon as possible. You run a decent risk of your plugin experience strange failures if someone installs a v2 plugin and you’re not running with exclusive control (modal).

I’d also move to the v5 manifest (might be required for v2 API, can’t recall).

Thanks, Greg,

I assume the only way then is more or less to bite the bullet and re-write all the functions and button click events using the execute modal.


It will take some effort for sure, but worth it even if v1 were kept indefinitely (unless you’re referring to a project for your machine only where you can control the environment).

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I second everything Greg said; there were talks about deprecating Manifest v4/API v1 at the next major version (25) but it won’t happen this time. Most likely you have one more year, but don’t quote me on this.