Will UXP API version 1 be deprecated?

After UXP API version 2 is rolled out, are there plans to deprecate UXP API version 1? If so, is there a timeline? I’m just wondering for plugins that are already created in API version 1. How quickly do version 1 plugins need to be converted to the new API version 2?


@kerrishotts any roadmap here?

Surely plugins created on API 1 will still work with API 2
If not then we are forever going to be converting as new API’s are introduced

@IanBarber No, v1 will generally not work on v2 because you must use the new executeAsModal API to do anything.

That said, your manifest lets you choose whether your panel runs under the v1 or v2 API. Photoshop v22.5 support both. So until Adobe removes v1 support, v1 plugins will continue to run fine.

That was the part I was wanting clarification for. Was curious if/when this could happen.

I haven’t seen anything, but I would assume no time soon - as that would break pretty much all existing UXP plugins.

I figured it would be a while. I’m eventually converting all of my to API 2 anyway but was just wondering on timing if it needed done by a certain time. I am working on 2 new plugins and have been using API 2 for the new ones which I like a lot better… but I have 8 old ones that will need to be converted :slight_smile: