Taxes are multiplied by 10 when purchased through Adobe Exchange

I have started selling the plugin for Photoshop for a fee of 5USD, and while I was checking out the purchase process on Adobe Exchange, a strange thing happened.

When I change the country from Japan to US, the tax increases to 67USD instead of the correct 0.75USD. This is probably due to the fact that the Japanese yen value is displayed as it is. The same phenomenon occurs in Canada.

I am not sure if I will actually be charged, but I would appreciate it if the correct amount could be displayed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the Split Rows for PS Pro page
  2. Press the “Buy” button to go to the payment page
  3. Select “日本” or “Japan (English)” as the country
  4. Select “United States” as the country

Expected behavior:

Taxes are 0.75USD

Actual behavior:

Taxes are 67USD


  • macOS 11.6.5
  • Google Chrome 101.0.4951.64 / Safari 15.3 (16612., 16612)

Hi there!

I’m asking the Exchange team about this… but I think the problem might be on FastSpring’s end. We’ll get in touch with FastSpring as well.

Yes, I agree that it is probably a FastSpring issue, but thank you for your action.

We’re reporting the issue to FastSpring. As a seller I think you may also be able to report it if you’d like…

Roger. I sent the same report to FastSpring.