Unable to reply to reviews only for certain plugin

I received a review (bug report) from a user for my plugin Split Rows for PS Pro. The bug was in fact there, and I will reply to it when a fixed version is released.

However, this plugin does not show reviews and cannot reply to them. My other plugins in the public list have reviews and can be replied to.

Will this become replyable through Developer Distribution settings, or do I need to ask Plugin Marketplace to fix it?

@rauchwer @vimalvarshney
Could you determine if it is an intended state or not that the reviews for Split Rows for PS Pro do not show up and cannot be responded to either on Adobe Exchange or on CCD?

Hi @sttk3 ,

You are correct, a review was posted for Split Rows for PS Pro plugin. However, as per our records the review was later deleted within a minute.

Creation timestamp - 2024-04-06 10:52:25
Deletion timestamp - 2024-04-06 10:53:18

We currently do not send email notifications for deletion of reviews. Hence, you are not seeing the same either on exchange or Creative Cloud Marketplace.


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It would be great if plugin owners could see at least something like

Review was deleted [timestamp]

I see how confusing it must’ve been for @sttk3

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Hi @vimalvarshney,
I see that it was deleted by the user. Thank you for checking.

@Karmalakas is right, if there is a record of the deletion, it will prevent confusion for the developers.

Very valid point. But we do not keep a record of deleted content. Since it was very recent so we were able to find this info from the logs. Maybe an email notification informing about the deletion would help resolve the confusion.
@agandhi FYI

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