Photoshop freezes since starting developing with UXP

Hello everyone

Does anybody else have this issue?

“Plugin: com.adobe.unifiedpanel has a significant number of pending tasks” (screenshot of error attached in case of typos on my behalf)

I’m running Adobe Photoshop Version: 22.3.1 on Windows 10 64-bit.
Plenty resources allocated to Photoshop.
It started about a week after I started playing around with UXP plugins.

What I did:

  • install uxp, did helloworld examples, did kitchensink, started making a basic panel layout based on the examples, did not add functionality yet
  • installed slack plugin
  • installed alchemist plugin (downloaded both dev version and marketplace version)
  • disabled marketplace version in CC desktop app.
  • shut down computer, go to sleep
  • several days later…
  • slack plugin is running, my own plugin or alchemist are not running, nor are they visible in the plugin panel or plugin menu. I’m just doing some normal image editing, some actions here and there, no scripts or plugins running. Normal user stuff. Photoshop’s Developer mode is still enabled.
  • I can work as normal (open,edit,close +200 pictures)
  • after about 45 minutes I get that error message and Photoshop freezes.
  • ctrl+alt+del, kill photoshop
  • works fine
  • 45 minutes later: error message, freeze.

Anybody got any ideas? It’d be much appreciated.


I think I used to get this when my Alchemist window was very full. Cleared the window and the problem went away. I also think I put my panel in an infinite loop once and got this also.

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Hi Anthony

thanks for the input, it jogged my memory just enough to remember this post:

Which basically says that to fix it you can disable the discovery panel:

  • rename the “com.adobe.unifiedpanel” folder
    located here: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2021\Required\UXP
    (Windows 10)
  • to “~com.adobe.unifiedpanel

That did it for me. Thx for the moral support! :wink: