The "Adobe Developer Distribution" webpage is showing completely blank on multiple browsers. Is that an old link that's no longer supported?

There’s an “Adobe Developer Distribution” option in the Developer Console that is apparently inaccessible: Loading... | Adobe Developer Distribution

adobe 1

Is this a website that’s no longer supporter by Adobe, with all of those functionalities being moved under the main “Adobe Developer Console” page?

I’ve tried accessing it via Chrome or Microsoft Edge and same thing: It’s just showing a completely blank website with absolutely no content:

The Dev Tools for that webpage show this:


Just trying to figure out: 1) If this specific webpage is required for successfully publishing plugins on the Exchange Marketplace, and 2) if this webpage is deprecated and no longer supported by Adobe.


NOTE: I had to first create a project on the Developer Console page, then add a plugin to the project, THEN click “create listing for review” (or something along those lines, can’t remember exactly what it said), which redirected me to a page on the Adobe Developer Distribution – and THEN this somehow “activated” its functionality to where it’s now working when I click it. I guess you have to have some kind of project created for this part of the website to be remotely accessible in any way.