Developer Distribution Launch: Current State

Problem seems to be resolved. I was able to submit the listing changes.

[Update] Tried it on another plugin and got the same error. Seems only to be resolved for my specific plugin I posted prior.

Still having the same problem as tomzag.

Engineering says it’s fixed, but the times don’t quite line up… could you try it again and confirm?

I still receive the error for other plugins. It only worked on my plugin with the ID 723fbb3e.

I tried again and got the same error.

The engineer thought it was a one-off thing, and now is saying he’s fixed it for all plugins (as of one hour ago). Give it one more try :+1:t2:

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Worked for me now. :+1:t3:

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Worked for me now. :+1:

I’ve been trying to add a new version to one of my plugins via the new distribution site for a few days and I haven’t been successful.
I click “Preview and Submit” and I see the “Submit for review” window. I fill out the required details (Note to reviewers and confirm I’m complying with Adobe Brand Guide) and I click “Submit listing”.
This takes me back to the main listing for this plugin, but the version I attempted to submit is still in Draft status.
This happens regardless of the “Publish immediately” or “Publish manually” choice.

There’s this weird checkbox on the left - “Version”. If you check that, two radio boxes appear… I don’t understand the meaning of that checkbox TBH, but did you check that “Version”?

Thanks for the reply! For me that version checkbox is disabled, but it is checked, and I’m not seeing any other radio boxes.

Now I also submitted my first patch with the new portal and I saw this strange checkbox.
Maybe @pklaschka could ask the team what this should be :slight_smile:

  • If this checkbox is not checked the “Submit” button is greyed out
  • No clue why the checkbox is labeled “Version 1.2.3”. I upladed version 1.3.0.

When I submitted yesterday for Ps, it was labeled just “Version” :smiley:

Hi @rosskilgore_aquent, is there any way you could do a quick screen recording and share it with us so we can try to pinpoint the problem more quickly? Best, Holly

Hi @tomzag, @Karmalakas, the team is looking into this. I’ll update as soon as we have more info!

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Thank you, @hollyschinsky
I sent you a direct message with a download link to a screen recording. I appreciate the help!

Good Morning

two question related to the following sentence contained in the documentation

“You now have the ability to retract, recall, mark as pending, modify, and re-publish listings without contacting the Adobe Review Team.”

  1. I didn’t find, in the new portal, any option to do the above action. Could you describe where this options could be found or provide us with a printscreen ?

  2. Is it possible to have some more details about consequences, implications, available follow-up actions (workflow), and differences between the options (recall, retract, pending et.)


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My plugins update has been accepted. But I am experiencing some problems.

  • Listing details displayed in Adobe Exchange and CCDA are still out of date (they are new in Developer Distribution)
  • Listing details in CCDA are not localized and are always in English (they were localized in the old console, and release notes are localized)

After the reply from @sttk3 I checked my plugin where I updated the listing (only listing update no new patch) via the new distribution portal.

I can confirm that CCD doesn’t reflect the changes I made (only added new tags, eg. the tag “sharpen” is missing).


After the review of a submitted patch I can also confirm that in CCD the listing details will be shown in English even if they were defined in German (and CCD is in German).