Developer Distribution Launch: Current State

Thanks for reporting these, @sttk3 and @tomzag! We’re looking into this.

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Hi @Trasatti ,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can retract an entire listing (plugin) from the “three dot button” in the top right-hand corner of the listing overview page:


For specific versions, you can use the “three dot menu” of the version in the sidebar navigation:


We are aware that the documentation around this needs some enhancement and are working on this (I’m currently asking around to get those details and will update the documentation once I get them).

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Update RE the “new listing details not showing” issue reported by @sttk3 and @tomzag

Considering that this shows up correctly (from what I can see) on the Exchange website (in @tomzag 's case, Adobe Exchange, cf. screenshot below), but not in CCD, this might be some caching on the CCD end of things (both get their data from the same place, meaning the DD portal submitted the data correctly). We’re currently looking into getting a more detailed answer to this.

We’re still looking into the localization issue.


Thanks @pklaschka , hopefully you will get soon what you are asking around :+1: :+1:

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(that makes two of us. For other things, I can just try it with my own plugins, but I don’t really fancy trying these particular options on my plugins :wink: )

Thanks @pklaschka.

I would like to add that in my case, it is probably overwritten again by the modification of the listing details that was approved in the previous time.

I have submitted 2 plugins and got 3 receipt e-mails.

Hi tomzag,

CCD will show English if you don’t provide all 4 fields as localized in each language such as German.

(1) Public plugin name, (2) Subtitle & (3) Description on Developer Distribution Listing Localization tab

(4) Release notes filled out DD Localized version details tab.

If you have all four fields filled out in German for a published listing and it still shows as English in German CCD. Pease email the following to and we will fix it.

  1. The PluginID & Name
  2. Screenshots showing the German metadata & release notes for the published listing
  3. German Language CCD still showing the fields in English
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@rauchwer The issue of CCD always displaying listing details in English is reproduced in my two plugins as well. Please fix it fundamentally instead of responding by email one by one.

Maybe the plugin names need to be localized as well to be applied? I would like to have one plugin name in all languages.

Hi @sttk3,

Yes the plugin name must be entered in the localized field as well. As I said to Thomas, if all four localized fields do not have a value, CCD will default to English. In the Languages using English characters I assume it will work to use one plugin name. But in the case of Japanese characters for example I am not sure if you will be able to enter the English name of your plugin.

Please try that and let me know what you find. If you can show me it is not behaving as I suggest then we will certainly address the fundamental issue.


Hello @rauchwer,

Does this consider the plugin name as being entered?

I have already sent detailed information and images to the address given.


Hi @sttk3,

Thank you for sending the data. We will look at the data and respond back. I would expect that it was sufficient to put anything in for the plugin name but I will find out for sure.

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Hi @rauchwer,

I indeed forgot to enter something in the German release notes field.
There should definitely be a clearly visible notice that all this fields are required.

I will submit a new version with all the required localizations and see if it works.


The screenshot below shows my plugin after submitting it with the new portal and a successful review.
I provided Title, Subtitle and Description in German. Forgot to fill in the release notes in German.
According to your reply CCD should show all details in English because I didn’t provided the release notes in German. This is not the case, the subtitle is shown in German.

I would expect it like this:
If I provide Title, Subtitle, Description in German but leave release notes in German empty >> Show Title, Subtitle, Description in German. Show release notes in English.

Additional feedback: I noticed that the dates are shown in English even CCD language is German.

Hi Daniele,

The power of Developer Distribution is giving maximal submission flexibility with an intuitive interface. I hope the detail I provide below to answer your questions will not discourage you from just trying it for yourself.
Review the Listing Status and Version Status in the Glossary section of the documentation . The verbs to retract, recall edit and publish will show up as Actions based on the status of the Listing or associated plugin Version(s).

On the Listings Screen the Main CTA and ellipsis buttons (card view) or actions column (list view) affect the status of the overall listing and are different depending on the status.

  1. If a listing is “In Review” the recall CTA will remove your listing from the Review Queue and change its status back to draft (but you lose your place in the review queue)
  2. If an Adobe reviewer rejects a submission the status will change to Rejected
  3. If an Adobe reviewer approves a submission, the status will change to “Approved” or “Published” depending whether or not you choose it to be Published immediately.
  4. If a listing is “Published” the retract CTA will remove your listing from the marketplace and change its status to “Retracted”
  5. If a listing is “Retracted” the publish CTA will immediately return your listing to the marketplace and change its status to “Published”
  6. If a listing is “Approved” the publish CTA will immediately publish the listing on the marketplace and change its status to “Published”

Note that for items 4-6, the status can be changed without involving an Adobe Reviewer because all three are already approved.

All of the same Listing CTA’s appear on the View Listing Screens (in docs below listing screens) in the upper right corner with the addition of an “Edit” CTA

  1. The “Edit” CTA is available to make listing edits on Published, Retracted and Approved listings (also known as a Metadata Change Request or MCR).
  2. Listing Edits can then be submitted, recalled or deleted independently of the Published, Retracted or Approved parent listing.
  3. Listing Edits enable developers to make quick changes to their listing information without the need to upload a new plugin Version.

Since each Listing can have multiple plugin Versions each with their own status, there are similar Version status CTA’s in the left column of the Version Screens (in docs below the Listings Screens)

  1. A version In Review can be recalled back to draft status
  2. If an Adobe reviewer rejects a version only submission (patch update) status will change to Rejected
  3. If an Adobe reviewer approves a version only submission, the status will change to “Approved” or “Published”
  4. If a particular version is “Published” its retract CTA will remove the version from the marketplace and change its status to “Retracted”
  5. If a particular version is “Retracted” its publish CTA will immediately return the version to the marketplace and change its status to “Published”
  6. If a particular version is “Approved” its publish CTA will immediately publish the version on the marketplace and change its status to “Published”
  7. A draft or rejected plugin can be deleted (a modal will “ask are you sure”) to help clean up a developer’s sandbox


Now my 2 newly submitted patches, where I specified all 4 required fields, have been reviewed. On both the description is displayed in English. There is definitely something going on …

I will also send it to

Thanks @tomzag, the data provided by you and sttk3 helped us identify the issue is on our side. I will reply here as soon as it is fixed.

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Hi @sttk3, the data you and @tomzag provided confirmed the problem is on our side. I will reply as soon as we have it fixed.

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Yesterday I submitted an update to my UXP plugin. In submitting it for review, I indicated deferred publication. At the same time, I indicated publishing the details of the announcement immediately.

Today, the plugin was reviewed and successfully accepted.
Now the details of the plugin have been updated, but there is no button to publish deferred.

The console shows that the plugin has already been published, but the marketplace has the previous version.

Plugin ID: 4b69c6fc
Current published version on Marketplace: 3.0.19
Current published version on Console: 3.0.20

Please help.
@pklaschka @rauchwer

Reviewers have approved new updates.

II still don’t know how to publish the deferred plugin update.
Also, a copy of this listing appeared in the Fast Spring account on March 18.

Any ideas?

@pklaschka @rauchwer